SACRAMENTO, CA – Impel Marketing’s team recently added a global business to their portfolio, and they have significantly expanded their telecommunications division as a result.

When a company is growing, it always leads to new opportunities, and these certainly abound at Impel Marketing. Adding a large telecom firm to the roster is resulting in significant expansion, and the team is ready to grab every new opportunity that comes.

“We were already a force in the telecommunications industry, so our team is experienced,” said Impel Marketing Director of Operations Jessica. “We will be providing consulting and marketing services for fiber-optic services in the region. These solutions offer a secure and modern way to connect to the internet. This company is internationally known, so working with it offers our firm significant growth potential.”

“Our team is goal-focused,” continued Jessica, “We’re excited to see how much we can grow with this business and how far we can push our goals. When we set aggressive objectives, it really helps us innovate as a company. We set goals on everything from sales to team growth and then break them down into easily accomplishable steps. This process has helped us be successful in the past and we’re sure it will help us deliver the results our new partner is expecting.”

Expansion at Impel Marketing Leads to Hiring

With all the expansion taking place, there are many new opportunities at Impel Marketing for hard-working, business-minded individuals. The firm will need new ideas and fresh energy to take on the campaigns for the latest telecom partner and will be looking for people to complement a strong company culture and enjoy a great set of perks.

“Experience is not necessary, as we offer a comprehensive training program to each new team member that covers not only how to handle our specific campaigns, but many other basic business skills such as networking and public speaking. We truly want people to join our team with an eye to long-term careers,” said Jessica. “This expansion has opened a number of advancement opportunities for people that are already part of our firm, so we will be filling their positions. I also anticipate hiring for new roles. People who come in with a student mind-set and work hard to master our industry will find their opportunities are virtually limitless.”

“The people of our team are the core ingredients to our success, so we invest in making sure they’re happy at the workplace and getting the training and advancement opportunities they desire. We pair each new associate with a mentor who can give them career guidance and support. Everyone has all the tools they need to succeed, and it’s always exciting to watch when someone applies our teaching and sees results.”

Those interested in joining Impel Marketing’s dynamic and growing team are invited to apply on the company website.

About Impel Marketing

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