When one of our associates is invited to represent Impel Marketing by speaking at a national convention, we’re excited and do everything we can to prepare them for success. Preparation goes a long way toward giving a great and memorable speech, and we want to make sure our colleague makes the most of the opportunity.

We start by understanding our audience and what their concerns and interests are. We can tailor our speeches to reach them specifically and be much more engaging as a result. Then, as we review all the content we want to cover, we decide on the key take-home points we want to make and make that the core of our talks. We want people to walk away remembering one point, so we make sure we’re clearly communicating that point and building the rest of our talk around it.

Once a speech is laid out, the speaker will grab other Impel Marketing associates and practice repeatedly to make sure his or her pacing, diction, and movements are just right. Getting feedback from a team member and applying it is the best way to make the right changes that will make our delivery perfect.

With practice, we feel confident our speeches will go well. Then all we need to do is relax and enjoy the event and the great networking opportunities that will come our way.

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