Building trust within your team is a key facet of leadership. This seems obvious, but in reality it can be a difficult thing for managers to implement. Our managers work hard to build trust with Impel Marketing team members through transparency, authenticity, and honesty.

Transparency is keeping team members informed of what’s going on with the company. The good and the bad news should be shared. Good news should be celebrated while bad news should be presented as a problem for the team to solve. Bad news should also come complete with ways management has decided to work around the problem. When your team trusts you to keep them informed, they will also trust you to make decisions that concern their work and position.

Authenticity is when a leader is honest about who they are and behaves naturally. This means that they are the best possible versions of themselves and inspire others to be as well. An introvert, for example, can still be an excellent leader without having to pretend to be more extraverted. Instead, an introverted leader can opt for meaningful one-on-one sessions with team members to discuss Impel Marketing projects and prospects.

Honesty is the core value that good leaders reflect. When leaders are honest with their team members, they can also expect it in return. As a leader, think about ways you can be honest in a helpful and constructive fashion. Remember that your goal is to make it possible for your people to succeed, so feedback should be designed to help them in the future.

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